Filling Teeth, Meeting Needs

Dr. Richard and Marilyn Patterson had a heart for the poor.  During the 1960s and 1970s, the Pattersons traveled with their children to Africa and South America, where Dr. Patterson served impoverished communities through a portable dentistry ministry—filling cavities, treating tooth decay, addressing needs.  They shared the Good News of Jesus while relieving physical pain and suffering.

Sadly, Dr. Patterson kept seeing the same patients repeatedly—many received help, then returned to the same unhealthy home environments.  Dr. Patterson realized that preventive health care was needed in the context of discipling the poor.

After adding a degree in Public Health to his dentistry background, Dr. Patterson’s vision took shape:  a God-centered, holistic strategy.  With the help of others Dr. Patterson established Mission: Moving Mountains (M:MM).

In 1982, M:MM missionaries Dr. Gary and Merri Lee Hipp, son-in-law and daughter of Dr. Patterson, pioneered the M:MM ministry in Uganda, East Africa.