Breakthrough Learning in Kenya

Banging her head against the wall—Margaret felt that way sometimes.
For over two decades Christian ministries, including Discipling for Development, have labored in a rural coastal area of Kenya with little success. Minds were set and hearts remained hard to the Gospel. Margaret, a Discipling for Development international mentor, would visit the village and notice charms hanging from trees and encircling children’s wrists to ward off evil spirits. The literacy rate hovered at only three percent.
But after years of sharing the Word and teaching whole-life discipleship, Margaret is seeing breakthroughs. She’s seen the charms pulled off of trees and from children’s wrists. Instead, parents are buying school uniforms and sending their kids to get an education. Margaret has heard a friend say, “Now our eyes are opened, by the grace of God.”
These people, Margaret now says, are “a light on a hill.” She envisions a time in the not-too-distant future when the work will move into another nearby community.

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