Justice for Orphans

Long before Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist, the psalmist said of God, “You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed” (Psalm 10:18, NLT). In one part of rural Uganda, orphans have lost claim to their land when they are taken away to orphanages. Greedy villagers have moved into the orphans’ family property and taken over the land for themselves, so that later the orphans have no inheritance to claim.
Wilberforce, a Ugandan with whole-life discipleship training from Discipling for Development, became aware of this injustice against orphans. He and his church decided to train and empower orphans in their community.
Two young girls, “Martha” and “Mary,” recently lost their mother to AIDS after having already lost their father. Wilberforce’s team began to visit regularly to help the girls raise a crop, tend animals and care for their property as they trust God. With Martha, Mary and other orphans, Wilberforce and his team help them claim a home and hope, faith and a future.

In a setting rife with greed, some orphans in Uganda have a shot at justice.

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