Reproducing Leaders in Rural Malawi

Do you know a place so out-of-the-way that it doesn’t show up in a Google Maps search?
Andy Nyirenda worked full-time with The Navigators since 2006. As a university graduate, Andy could work in an urban setting, but he and his wife, Wezzie, chose to live and serve God in Kasangamala, a village in rural Malawi.
Since 2008 God has enabled Andy, Wezzie and their Discipling for Development team to raise up laborers among the poor in Kasangamala. Now that the people of Kasangamala have been discipled for years, they are planning to advance the Kingdom in six neighboring villages.
Andy says, “God has helped me to design a Leader-Labor-Development training program for our ministry team members. The goal of this program is to intentionally empower the team members with leadership skills that will enable them to serve the people God has entrusted to their hands.”
God blessed the ministry in rural Malawi, and is seeing that it reproduces.

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