Up in Flames

Susan, who mentors women in spiritual formation and other areas of life, wrote this about her friend and “mentee,” Dorcas, in Kenya:
One morning when Dorcas arrived to do business at her wooden kiosk, it was in flames from a random street fight. She lost everything that morning, including newly-arrived stock. A single mom, Dorcas had been paying school fees and raising her three children on her own.
Susan had been mentoring Dorcas in spiritual formation and small business using Discipling for Development principles. Now she encouraged Dorcas to take her small remaining stock door-to-door. Says Susan:
One day Dorcas had only about $50, not enough to cover her children’s school fees. God gave her great favor with her customers that day. By the time she came back in the evening, she had about $140, enough to pay the school fees and even buy more stock for the next day.
As God provided, Dorcas learned to minister to her customers on her route.

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