Faith under Fire in Malawi

Andy and Wezzie moved to their community to a few years ago, determined to practice principles of whole-life discipleship learned through Discipling for Development, a ministry of The Navigators.  In 2009, Andy awoke to find that his chicken house containing 1,200 birds had been burned to the ground during the night.  This was the second such fire they had faced.
The local chief summoned a meeting of the whole community to resolve the situation.  In front of everyone, the chief instructed Andy to talk to the local spiritist to find out who had destroyed the chicken house.  Andy recalled, “This was a big test for me.  The community, knowing I am a Christian, watched to see what I would do.”  Andy thanked the chief for his concern, but replied, “I won’t visit him because I believe in the one true God who is in control of everything.”  Following this declaration an old man from the crowd stood up and said, “I feel that the God this young man worships is a true God.  All of us here need to question our Christianity.”  After the meeting, many people sought spiritual help, and others came to know God in a much deeper way.
Andy continues to work in his community and the nearby community of Kasangamala, where his team of a dozen community members lives out discipleship and trains others to become all God intends them to be.

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