The Woman Behind the Curtains

Agnes is a single mother who sells lace curtains door-to-door.  Susan, a member of the Discipling for Development team in Nakuru, Kenya, has discipled Agnes and taught her business skills.  Susan gave Agnes a loan the equivalent of US $13 to start her own business.  God blessed these efforts and Agnes was able to pay the fees necessary to put her daughter through high school.

One day, in a crowded minibus, someone stole the bag in which Agnes was carrying her curtains—her entire stock, worth about US $200.  Agnes began to pray persistently.  Just as persistently, she returned daily to the bus station to ask everyone about her bag.  The bus drivers laughed at her:  “Stolen items are never returned!”  But after a few days, these street-tough men were trying to help her.  They discovered a bag full of curtains matching the description Agnes had given them.  One of their peers had it; and although he initially claimed the bag was his, Agnes was able to prove that they were her curtains.

Roughly half of the curtains were missing.  But over the next week the thief returned more curtains until all but three were accounted for.  The story of Agnes and her curtains is now well known at the bus station.  The bus drivers were so impressed that one of them told her, “Lady, this God of yours is really something!”

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